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“Creativity always starts with a good idea.

Genius is transferring a good idea

into its full potential.”

--Sam Goldwyn


The entertainment industry has long followed a tried and true recipe for creative development.  A traditional formula that usually goes something along the lines of:
A story becomes a book...
A book becomes a play...
A play becomes a movie.

The Transfer Group is a production company committed to rethinking the traditional methods of creative development.

By cultivating creative ideas, concurrently, across the entertainment and media spectrum;  writers and producers are able to realize the full artistic and financial potential of their works at the earliest stages of development.
Taking the principle that any creative property 'can' exist in any medium, The Transfer Group is focused on maximizing cross over (i.e. ‘transfer’) potential for new and classic literary properties, between the arenas of book, film, television, and theatre.

With bicoastal production offices, and a Los Angeles based professional theatre company, The Transfer Group is a leading edge pioneer in 21st century creative development.